Frequently Asked Questions

A purple board is a wildcard. Wildcard boards count as a win for both players. If you come across a wildcard board, make sure you alter your strategy to take advantage!


When a board is totally filled, whomever is sent there next can then make a move in any open spot on the board. Be mindful of this and integrate it into your strategy!


Tic Tactics is like a giant game of Tic-Tac-Toe. The goal is to win three boards in a row, not just to win the most boards. Make sure you plan your strategy accordingly!


The first nine allows each player to establish a strategy at the beginning of every game and – once the boards are merged – creates a unique, customized game board unique to you and your opponent. Strategically, this also helps to limit deterministic strategies that you might encounter when starting from a “blank board”.

Try varying up your strategy to see what combination works best for you (or most effectively against a particular opponent). You can also read our Tic Tactics blog that contains tips and tricks about possible configurations you can use to your advantage!

We have a smart match system that attempts to pair players based on a variety of factors including Rating, total experience, and time in the queue waiting for an opponent.
Our current system considers every possible alternative before matching you up with the same player twice in a row. We are implementing functionality to help minimize this further in future updates, but in the meantime, we recommend waiting a little bit between game requests to increase your odds of a new opponent.
If you would like to enable or disable push notifications, please refer to one of the following links:

For iOS: Click Here

For Android: Click Here

For Kindle: Click Here

Note: Turning off pushes will disable real-time game board updating (a pretty cool feature if you ask us).

Tic Tactics will allow you to watch your opponent make a move in real time. In order to use this feature, you must have push notifications enabled on your device. Please see the links above for more information.
As a Free game, we show advertisements as part of our revenue model since Tic Tactics is available for free. You can permanently disable ads via various in app purchase.

Very rarely, you may see a pop-up making you aware of one of our other games. These are not paid ads, and are only displayed on rare occasions.

On the login screen for Tic Tactics, there’s an option for playing as a Guest. Guest players also lose the ability to recover their accounts, although we are implementing functionality to correct this in our next update in early February.

We recommend using Facebook or Google+. We never will post or use your information without your permission.


Currently, you can invite them to play via the New Game > Invite a Friend button. That said, once they setup their account, there is currently no way to challenge an opponent outside of social media and/or your immediate peers on the Leaderboard.

We will be looking into adding social-network independent friend invites in a future update.

To Nudge an opponent, you simply click the Nudge button next to their name in the Waiting for Opponent list. Note that the Nudge button only appears after 12 hours have passed since your last move, and you can only Nudge once per turn.
We’re committed to making the best games possible. We pride ourselves on the products we create and present to you. That said, we cannot add every feature submitted by the fans. We’re a small, independent outfit here at Hidden Variable.

However, we do want to hear your feedback! Send us an email as, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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