Come join Hidden Variable Studios – a small, experienced team of indie developers in Los Angeles, CA (read the juicy details here). Our hit titles - Bag It!, Tic Tactics, Threes!, and Skullgirls - have all launched to critical acclaim and app store features. In fact, they've been downloaded more than 25 million times to date!

It’s an exciting time to join Hidden Variable, as we’re in the middle of development on several projects across a wide variety of genres and platforms. Interested in building fun, varied, innovative games? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re looking for teammates who are passionate about creating great user experiences. Those who see both the forest and the trees. Collaborators. Facilitators. Individuals who are great at coaxing the best out of others and who believe the impossible is possible. Teammates who are energized by connecting with others.

To be clear, we’re not just looking for a warm body. We want a wildly talented individuals eager to put their creativity, enthusiasm, and passion to work. It’s that passion that help us turn the mundane into the incredible, and the average into the extraordinary. Come help us continue to make that dream a reality.

This position is available to candidates in and around the Los Angeles area.


This is a big opportunity. We’re looking for someone who can do a wide range of things and do them well. To be a Producer at Hidden Variable, you have to be organized, detailed, proactive, and passionate. You’ll be herding cats, juggling chainsaws, and chewing bubble gum (most likely at the same time), and this requires a certain type of experienced and collected individual to do it right. You’ll be held accountable by talented teammates, and you’ll need to hold them accountable as well. We’re a hard-working, ambitious studio, and our commitment to building memorable and celebrated games is matched only by our commitment to each other.

The studio works on many different types of genres (Puzzle, Fighting, RPG, Arcade), platforms (Mobile, PC, Consoles) and monetization models (Premium and Free to Play). As such, this position literally encompasses almost the entire spectrum of modern day gaming. If you’re smart, skilled, and capable, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more rewarding career that will let you apply the full range of your many talents, and enable you to maximize your strengths in a way that leaves you excited for the week ahead.


  • Maestro - Whether it’s a standup or a powerpoint presentation, you are comfortable “on stage.” In front of your co-workers or a larger audience, you can deliver your message and get your points across in a compelling fashion.
  • Raconteur - While telling amusing anecdotes is helpful, you will primarily be on the front lines of communication. Written or verbal, your thoughts and actions must be delivered with laser-like clarity.
  • Sherpa - You might not be climbing Everest, but you are certainly ready with all the gear for the trip. You provide everything the team needs to maximize their productivity, efficiency, and excellence.
  • Catalyst - “Something that causes activity between two or more persons or forces without itself being affected.” Yep -- that’s you.
  • Diplomat - You are able to build bridges, bring people together, and do it in a way that makes everyone feel better at the end of the process than they did at the beginning.
  • Polymath - You can do a lot of things -- a lot of DIFFERENT things -- and you approach them all with enthusiasm and grit.
  • Scribe - You’re always listening and catching the fine details. You’re an avid note-taker and action item dispenser.


  • Techy -  You have an advanced understanding of both Mac and PC.
  • Graphic Designer - You aren’t an artist, but you know your way around Photoshop. Namely, how to crop images, apply logos, and do basic alterations to simple graphics.
  • Metrics Minded - You are familiar with the art and science of numbers. You can discern patterns, analyze data, and draw conclusions.
  • Localizer - You either speak 12 languages or know how to organize the words from 12 languages in a spreadsheet.
  • Social Gamer - You’re an out of control freight train who runs roughshod over the competition.

How do you apply?

Hopefully, by the time you’ve scrolled this far, you’ve realized that we value custom-tailored communication and people who are passionate about what they do for a living. We’re taking our search seriously and we expect that you do so as well. Please read through our requirements carefully and be prepared to bring your “A” game.

And yes, we’ll read every submission and yes, we’ll get back to you. If you feel you’re a good fit, we can’t wait to hear from you!

Ready to apply? Please send us an email with your resume/cv/portfolio, a cover letter, and the position you’re applying for to