About Hidden Variable Studios

Back in January of 2011, throwing caution (and stable careers) to the wind, the founders of Hidden Variable Studios decided to boldly embark on the roller coaster ride of starting their own game company. Many years and more than 25 million downloads later, the team at Hidden Variable is utilizing their decades of collective game development experience to bring their bold new vision to players everywhere. Currently hard at work on their newest title, the team is thrilled to be in the thick of the rapid evolution of the games industry and are looking forward to the many twists and turns that await in the years to come.

How often do you reflect on the little things you do every day? Something magical lies buried within the myriad puzzles, challenges, and triumphs that make up our daily routines. It is in these seemingly mundane things where we find the inspiration for our games. For all the many challenges and complexities that go into making a game, there is something more — that intangible element, that mysterious equation, that extra ingredient — which turns the routine into the fantastic. Hidden Variable Studios is in the business of finding, isolating, and nurturing those rare and special components. Play our games to find them for yourself.

In addition to creating and publishing our own unique titles, Hidden Variable Studios is also available for contract software development services with the right partners.

Hidden Variable is based in the Atwater Village/South Glendale area of sunny Los Angeles, California.


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