Meet the team!


Alec McNamara

Alec treats and perceives everything in the world as a game, so it’s probably ironic that he takes himself so seriously… He’s a crossword puzzler, guitar player, film buff, and gamer (duh), but somehow still manages to find time to eat and sleep (sometimes).

Oh, and his favorite Starburst are the yellow ones. I know — what a freak, right?!


Andrew Dos Santos

World traveler. Wood worker. Skilled Astaroth player. Andrew is the most interesting man in the world, or at least aspiring to be.


Charley Price

Like a beacon of truth boldly piercing through the fog of doubt, Charley often gets carried away and uses more words than necessary to communicate a point.

He is fond of tea, silliness, and wild gesticulation. He likes finding the fun in everyday things.


Clark Kromenaker

Clark has always had an irresistible urge to put curly braces around everything, so it’s no surprise he gravitated naturally towards programming as his career of choice. Like a robotic man powered by Coca-Cola, Clark can code nonstop, barely needs to sleep, and rusts when left out in the rain.


David Marino

Quite good at a lot of things but not outstandingly good at anything, David’s epitaph will probably be “he was clever but not wise”.

His favorite games are ones he can win.


James Bones Meddock

The Almighty Bones was chiseled out of a piece of sandstone in the American Southwest. His mustache was then flown in from Cooperstown and attached shortly after. Since defeating the submarine level in Earthworm Jim, Bones knew he could make it in the gaming world. He enjoys spending time with family, watching baseball, and playing with his dog, Baby Driver.


Jesse Busch

Arriving at the studio under Cthulian circumstances involving a flying mollusk, Jesse has fought on the distant battlefields of PC, Mac, Vive, Oculus, and Console… all on one trunk, on a single project. What does his arrival herald? It might be awesome. It might be terrifying. It might very well be the end of the world. But whatever it is, he’ll be laughing all the way.


Liam Orr

Liam loves learning new things every day. His insatiable thirst for knowledge is only outmatched by his love for competitive fighting games.

If he's not traveling across North America to crush others in Fighting Game tournaments, he's probably working, or programming. Legend has it he sometimes sleeps too.


Nick Ahrens

With a past that includes Art Director, Journalist, Web Producer and Professional Athlete, it’s no wonder Nick’s knowledge of Roman Architecture is known throughout the world (one of these is not true). He has an undying love for games, technology and science fiction and constantly annoys the team with Simpson quotes.


Sean Keeton

Games, comics, cartoons, paintings; if it involves pictures it’s safe to say Sean’s obsessed with it. His primary frustration is that once a night he has to stop looking at these wonderful things and close his eyes.


Tarik Soliman

Tarik loves games, film, food, and photography. It’s not a surprise that at any given hour he is either consuming or creating one of those things. Usually it’s food. Remarkably, he can still do a handstand in yoga class. He also loves writing about himself in the third person.