Meet The Team



Andrew Dos Santos

World traveler. Wood worker. Skilled Astaroth player. Andrew is the most interesting man in the world, or at least, aspires to be.


Charley Price

Like a beacon of truth boldly piercing through the fog of doubt, Charley often gets carried away and uses more words than necessary to communicate a point.

He is fond of tea, silliness, and wild gesticulation. He likes finding the fun in everyday things.


Chris Cunningham

Chris is a long time fan of Skullgirls, having followed the game even prior to its initial release in 2012. As a fighting game expert, he is excited to combine his passion for the genre with his many years of experience in the QA industry. When Chris is not stringing together combos, you can find him spending time with his pets, drinking ice coffee, and playing boomer shooters.


Clark Kromenaker

Clark always had an irresistible urge to put curly braces around everything, so it’s no surprise he gravitated towards programming as his career of choice. Like a robotic man powered by Coca-Cola, Clark can code nonstop, barely needs to sleep, and rusts when left out in the rain.


Darren Malley

Hailing originally from the Frozen North of New England, Darren has since journeyed to warmer climes and misses fall and winter - though he admits it's nice not having to dig his car out of the snow anymore. He's just as happy telling a story with music, gameplay systems, or words; in fact, he prefers to use all three whenever possible! He's never met a concept he can't break down and systematize into a spreadsheet. Yet he is also sentimental, with a soft spot for bugs (except the blood-sucking kind).


David Marino

Quite good at a lot of things but not outstandingly good at anything, David’s epitaph will probably be, “he was clever but not wise.”

His favorite games are ones he can win.


Diego Avena

At the tender age of 5, Diego was tasked with rescuing Princess Peach from the evil King Bowser. Today, he’s building his own kingdoms, setting sail on an endless voyage to learn and practice what the tales of the ages call game development. That voyage now brings him to Hidden Variable Studios, where he shall continue his quest! Though programming is his main bag, Diego also admires architecture and building his own creations in Minecraft. When duty calls, he makes his own game art as well.


Elie Byun

A crazy cat lady in training, Elie spends the free time she has (in between playing with her cats) making things. Whether it be cookies, comics, furniture, or video games, if it can be made, Elie will try. Her dream is to one day become a magical girl who saves stray cats all over the world!


Eric Park

A man who enjoys competition. Watching, that is. As a kid, Eric once dreamed of becoming the next Kobe Bryant, but after getting dunked on in high school he quickly realized he'd rather live out his competitive dreams vicariously, through professional athletes. Unfortunately, he's now taken things one step further and spends his free time demolishing bots in FIFA.


James ‘Bones’ Meddock

The Almighty Bones was chiseled out of a piece of sandstone in the American Southwest. His mustache was then flown in from Cooperstown and attached shortly after. Since defeating the submarine level in Earthworm Jim, Bones knew he could make it in the gaming world. He enjoys spending time with family, watching baseball, and playing with his dog, Baby Driver.


Jenny Graf

Jenny peaked in 2017 with the creation of Barles Charkley’s Shut Up and Paint! Since then, she has been wallowing in weltschmerz and systematically hitting platinum in every FromSoft game. Her only hobby is reading comments on ambient music videos on YouTube, which every day brings her closer to transcending human consciousness.


Jesse Busch

Arriving at the studio under Cthulian circumstances involving a flying mollusk, Jesse has fought on the distant battlefields of PC, Mac, Vive, Oculus, and Console… all in one trunk, on a single project. What does his arrival herald? It might be awesome. It might be terrifying. It might very well be the end of the world. But whatever it is, he’ll be laughing all the way.


Justine Stewart

Born on the island of Java, the Justine has a natural affinity for video games and coffee. Legends say she is endlessly lurking in data analytics tools, forums, and Discord. Always watching from the shadows... In reality, she is actually quite social and generally loves people. Especially if they give her food.


Liam Orr

Liam loves learning new things every day. His insatiable thirst for knowledge is only outmatched by his love for competitive fighting games.

If he's not traveling across North America to crush others in Fighting Game tournaments, he's probably working, or programming. Legend has it he sleeps sometimes, too. 


Raheel Hassim

Raheel travelled all the way from sunny South Africa to be here. She loves to speak in hypotheticals and is constantly chasing a high through code which properly compiles. She exclusively reads fantasy books and is unconditionally and irrevocably in need of a chiropractor (iykyk). 


Ren Ito

As a long-time fighting game fan, Ren is always looking for new challenges. You can either find him labbing out every new fighting game that comes out or spending way too much time in Final Fantasy XIV. He loves coffee, curry, and is the #1 monkey appreciator in the world.


Rodrigo Gómez

Hailing from Chile, Rodrigo is the leader of one of the largest, best equipped, and highly trained cat armies in the world (don’t tell anyone that he is allergic to his minions, though). After conquering the Rubik’s cube, Cuphead speedruns, and the Chilean Skullgirls scene, his next objectives lie at Hidden Variable Studios...

He also happens to do some programming in his free time.


Sairus Delaney

Sairus has always been fascinated by games, and while he may have graduated from Breakout to Combo Breakers over the years, the obsession never waned.

Sairus now balances that obsession with a healthy dose of drawing, movies, and meticulously curating his ever-growing bandana collection. He also tries to do some Community Manager stuff from time to time.


Sean Keeton

Games, comics, cartoons, paintings... if it involves pictures it’s safe to say Sean’s obsessed with it. His primary frustration is that once a night he has to stop looking at these wonderful things and close his eyes.


Tarik Soliman

Tarik loves games, films, food, and photography. It’s no surprise that at any given hour he is either consuming or creating one of those things. Usually it’s food. Remarkably, he can still do a handstand in yoga class. When not practicing the dark art of game direction, he spends time tooling with company websites and writing about himself in the third person.


Thomas Reisenegger

This Chilean (with a name as German as can be) might seem introverted at first... and that’s because he is. However, if you get Thomas talking about the things he’s passionate about, he may never stop. He loves games, music, science, animals, and his sidekick Bob — a cat who believes he’s a king.