It’s Not A Job — It’s A Career

Here at Hidden Variable Studios, we’re serious about excellence. We’re looking for the best and the brightest, so if you think you have the chops, send us an email showing how fantastic you are!

A Special Place To Work

What makes us so great? Well, working for a small, indie studio is pretty liberating. We get things done — quickly, deftly, and without bureaucracy. Each team member is given true agency, which means doing meaningful work and actually having a say in major decisions. The studio itself is located in Los Angeles, in a historic building with great restaurants and shopping within walking distance.

Our mission at Hidden Variable is to not only create fun and innovative games, but playfully connected experiences as well. We like to think of our games as an Oasis — an escape from your daily adventure, infused with rich worlds worth inhabiting, and flush with mechanics that encourage playful competition and friendly social interaction. We aim to be empathetic of the player experience, so that everyone playing a Hidden Variable game feels both inspired and empowered.

We also strive to apply this mindset to our studio as it continues to grow. To do so, we focus our efforts on 3 core values: Structure, Empowerment, and Craftsmanship. Structure is built into our everyday schedule. We constantly refine our processes, carve out dedicated time for meaningful and uninterrupted work, and remain attentive to our customers. By striking a healthy work/life balance, we ensure that each team member can operate at their best, whether they are in the studio or at home. Empowerment means that each team member has the power to act autonomously. We don’t micromanage and lay down dictums from up high. Each Hidden Variable team member has the agency to set their own schedule, attack problems as they see fit, and have room to creatively flex. And that’s where Craftsmanship comes into play. As a studio, Hidden Variable is committed to building exceptional experiences, with high degrees of polish, and an uncompromising commitment to customer service.

If these values resonate with you, then you’re exactly the type of person we want on board.

The Perks

In addition to joining an exceptional crew of board & video game-loving developers, working at Hidden Variable comes with a lot of added benefits.

Celebrations are a periodic diversion from our day to day. We work hard, but when we complete our sprints, we often kick back with some food and drinks, or head out for an escape room, bowling, or other city adventure. Poker and multiplayer game tournaments are some of our current favs.

When it comes to sick and vacation days, we don’t believe in tracking the hours our employees work or don’t work. If you need to take time off - be it for date night, a vacation, or even just a personal wellness day, we support you! We go out of our way to create a guilt-free office environment. Our goal is simply to create incredible products, which we believe is best achieved when you don’t have a manager looming over your shoulder.

Medical, dental, and vision plans are also part of the Hidden Variable employment package. We offer a variety of plans to all of our employees, and give everyone a yearly stipend to spend however they see fit. Already have medical coverage? Keep the stipend as an end of year bonus. We also offer a matching 401k, too.

Of course, none of these benefits matter if you aren’t working in an environment where every day is both challenging and exciting. At Hidden Variable, you’ll be shoulder to shoulder with some of the best and brightest — colleagues who push you to succeed and celebrate in your shared success. How grand is your vision?

Come join us and we’ll help make it a reality.