We’re Always Hiring

Here at Hidden Variable Studios we’re serious about excellence. We’re looking for the best and the brightest, so if you think you have the chops, send us an e-mail showing us how fantastic you are!

Open Positions


What Makes Us Awesome

What makes us so great? Well, working for a start-up is pretty awesome. At our studio right on Brand Blvd in Glendale, you get to be part of a small team, wear many hats and actually have a say and make a difference. Recruiting mumbo jumbo aside, we’re serious about employees being empowered and having a voice.

So what’s “Hidden Variable” all about? FUN. There’s fun all around us. The trick is revealing where it lurks in our everyday lives and presenting it from a fresh perspective – and that’s where you come in. Our employees skillfully mine the exciting from the everyday, and create entertainment that causes players to cling to our products with a kung-fu death grip, pushing aside sleep and hunger for “just one more game”. Together, we are the Hidden Variable that cause players to look at their world in a whole new light. Are you up to the task?


What You’ll Get

Wait, there’s more!

Let’s start with unlimited PTO days. Sick? Vacation? Just want a long weekend? At Hidden Variable, we don’t believe in tracking the days or hours that our employees work or don’t work. Our goal is simply to create incredible products and to do that, we look for incredible people. Incredible people get the job done and take time off when they need it. No more tracking how many days you need to save up to take that vacation you’ve been waiting to go on.

Medical, dental, and vision, you ask? Worry not! We offer a variety of plans to all of our employees, but better yet, we give everyone a yearly stipend to spend it however they see fit. Already have medical coverage? Keep the stipend yourself as an ‘end of year’ bonus! Oh yeah, we have a matching 401k, too.

None of those benefits matter if you aren’t working in an environment where every day is both challenging and exciting. You’ll be shoulder to shoulder with some of the best and brightest – colleagues who will push you to succeed and celebrate in your shared success. How grand is your vision?

Come join us and we’ll help make it a reality.

Paid Internships

We love interns, but at Hidden Variable, we also define “intern” a little differently. You won’t be fetching coffee, running errands, or making photocopies. You’ll be directly applying and honing your expertise in one (or more!) areas of game development. If we have an opening that reflects your particular skills, feel free to apply. Please make sure you send your resume and any details or constraints of your work availability. If we like you (and you like us), we’ll make it happen.